How to Insulate a Balcony

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Insulate a Balcony


Do you want to find out how to insulate a balcony? Balconies are a great addition to any home, but they can also be one of the most difficult places to keep warm, even during summer. Look no further than Insulation Kings for everything you need to know about balcony insulation. 

With our easy-to-read step-by-step guide on insulating a balcony, you can learn how to insulate a balcony yourself and avoid the hassle of hiring a contractor for an extortionate price. In this article, you will learn: 


What is balcony insulation and why do I need it?  

Balcony insulation is made up of two parts: an inner layer and an outer layer. The inner layer is made of foam or other material that helps to insulate the space between the two layers. The outer layer is typically made of metal or other material that helps to reflect heat.  

Balcony insulation is a great way to keep your balcony warm and comfortable in the colder months so you can use it all year around. It also helps to regulate temperature and keep you cool in the warmer months too. Insulation for balconies also helps you cut down on energy, as you can both save money and reduce your environmental impact. 

The benefits of insulating a balcony: 

When looking for ways to insulate a balcony, it’s important to consider the benefits of a balcony to ensure you make an informed choice. The benefits of balcony insulation include:  

  • Keep warm during the cooler months 
  • Keep cool during warmer months 
  • Reduce energy bills  
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions  


Choosing the right material for insulating a balcony: 

When choosing an insulating material for your balcony, it is important to consider its R-value, which is its ability to resist heat transfer. The higher the R-value, the better the material will be at insulating your space.  

Another important consideration is your climate and if your balcony needs weatherproofing. If you experience harsh winters or very wet weather, you will need a material that can stand up to the cold and wet to keep your balcony comfortable all year round.  

The best insulating material for balconies is most often quite thin, as it needs to fit below the doorway to get beneath the flooring, without adding any additional weight that could destabilise the foundation. 


The best products for insulating a balcony: 

Here at Insulation Kings, our Xtratherm PIR insulation boards offer excellent thermal performance and are available in a variety of different sizes to suit your individual needs. 

How to install insulation for a balcony with Xtratherm PIR insulation: 

DISCLAIMER: This guide acts as a brief outline for balcony insulation. Be sure to consult a professional before starting your project. 

Step 1:  

First, you need to measure the area of your balcony to determine how much insulation material you will need. Make sure to measure the length and width of your balcony so that you can calculate the surface area. 

Step 2:  

Once you have determined the exact size of the area, measure your boards in alignment with the dimensions needed. Cut your boards into pieces that are slightly smaller than each individual panel in your balcony. This will allow for better coverage and prevent any gaps between each board.   

Step 3:  

Place the pieces in their respective positions and secure them with screws or nails as needed. Stainless steel screws are ideal for maximum durability. 

Step 4:  

After securing all of the pieces, add some caulking around each panel to ensure proper air sealing and insulation retention. Take care when applying the caulk so that it does not interfere with the placement of any boards or cause damage to any panels.  

Step 5:  

To finish up, cover up all of the exposed edges with tape for extra protection against moisture and water infiltration.  


What are the benefits of balcony insulation? 

Balcony insulation has a variety of benefits, including regulating the temperature throughout the seasons, saving money on energy bills, and reducing CO2 emissions. 

How much does balcony insulation cost? 

The cost of balcony insulation depends on a few factors including the size of the balcony and the type of material used. Why not chat to one of our expert team today for a quote on insulating your balcony. 

What should I consider when choosing the right balcony insulation?: 

When choosing the right balcony insulation, you should consider: 

  • Your climate  
  • Your balcony’s R-value  
  • The thinness of the material  

Still got questions? If you have any further queries on how to insulate a balcony and the best materials to use, get in touch with our expert team today! 

DISCLAIMER: The contents of this guide are intended for information purposes only. Insulation king shall not be liable, answerable or accountable for any loss or damage resulting from the advice given

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