High-Performance Loft Insulation

Prevent heat loss,reduce energy bills, and cut your carbon footprint with our loft insulation range.

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High-Performance Loft Insulation

Guarantee year-long comfort that boosts your property's value

By lining the inside of your loft, loft insulation creates a barrier that reduces heat loss, enhances energy efficiency, and increases your home’s value and sustainability measures.

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Enhanced indoor air quality

Loft insulation reduces allergens and pollutants entering your home, while also reducing dampness and condensation, to promote a cleaner indoor environment. 

Quick and simple installation

With fast installation and minimal disruption to homeowners, loft insulation is a convenient and long-terminvestment that offers lasting energy efficiency.

Reduced environmental impact

By reducing energy consumption, loft insulation lowers greenhouse gas emissions and helps to combat climate change, while helping you save on energy costs.

We serve the whole of the UK

Although based in the West Midlands, we’re proud to serve the entirety of the UK with reliable loft insulation solutions.

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loft insulation cost

How much does loft insulation cost?

The cost of loft insulation will depend on your chosen material, property size, and specific installation requirements. Get in touch with our team to find out more about pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Loft insulation is a material installed on the inside of your loft or attic that prevents heat loss and maintains a comfortable indoor temperature throughout the seasons.

Loft insulation offers many benefits for properties of all sizes, including improved indoor air quality, quick installation, lower energy consumption and costs, improved property value and so much more.

Here at Insulation King, we offer many different types of loft insulation, including high-performance rolls, slabs, and multifoil insulation. Get in touch to find out what type of loft insulation best suits your property and your unique needs. 

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