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TYVEK Firecurb 50m x 1.5m
TYVEK Firecurb 50m x 1.5m

TYVEK Firecurb 50m x 1.5m

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TYVEK Firecurb, available in a convenient size of 50m x 1.5m, is a cutting-edge fire-resistant breather membrane designed to enhance safety in buildings. With its innovative Firecurb technology, this durable housewrap acts as a crucial barrier against the spread of fire and smoke.  

Experience the superior fire protection and enhanced safety provided by TYVEK Firecurb. Its innovative technology and durable construction make it the ideal choice for fire-resistant breather membrane applications. 


  • Fire Resistance 
  • Enhanced Safety 
  • Breathable Membrane 
  • Durable Construction, made with high-quality materials, TYVEK Firecurb offers excellent durability  
  • Easy Installation 

Size: 50m x 1.5m 

Price: £200 

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Frequently Asked Questions

TYVEK Firecurb is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fibres, which are bonded together to create a strong and durable weather-resistant barrier. It incorporates fire-resistant properties to enhance building safety.

TYVEK Firecurb is typically installed in a similar manner to other TYVEK building wraps. It is fastened directly to the structural framing of the building with staples, nails, or other suitable fasteners. Proper sealing of seams and joints is essential to maintain its fire-resistant and weatherproof properties.

TYVEK Firecurb is an advanced fire-resistant breather membrane designed to provide exceptional fire protection in buildings. Equipped with innovative Firecurb technology, this durable housewrap serves as a crucial barrier against the spread of fire and smoke. It is specifically engineered to enhance safety and is an ideal choice for applications where fire-resistant breather membranes are essential to building protection.

Although it doesn’t require any special maintenance after installation, you may want to inspect the TYVEK Firecurb from time to time to ensure the integrity of the barrier and the sealing of seams and joints. These are essential to maintain the fire-resistant and weather-resistant properties.

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