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Loft Insulation Superglass Multi Roll - 44
Loft Insulation Superglass Multi Roll - 44

Loft Insulation Superglass Multi Roll - 44

  • Loft Insulation
  • Superglass

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The non-combustible and highly adaptable glass mineral wool insulation Superglass loft insulation is mostly used for thermal insulation in both new and existing lofts and roofs, designed to fit snugly between and over joists and bonded by a thermo-setting resin.  

Partially perforated, the Superglass Multi Roll 44 is flexible enough to be used between common joists spacings and uncut as a full width roll as layers over the joists, reducing the need for on-site cutting and waste. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for various insulation projects, enhancing both thermal and acoustic insulation properties.  

Improving overall energy performance, it’s resistance to rot, mould, and degradation ensures long-lasting durability that contributes to the longevity of your insulation system.  Superglass Multi Roll 44 maintains consistent performance even in environments with temperatures reaching up to 540ºC, making it suitable for a wide range of applications where temperature regulation is crucial.  


  • Lofts  
  • Cold pitched roofs  
  • Suspended timber ground floors  

Storage: Indoors or under a waterproof cover to protect from weather damage. 

Installation: Fits neatly between and over joists with minimal cutting required. 


  • High level of thermal insulation  
  • Made of glass mineral wool   
  • Up to 84% recycled  
  • Easy to fit 
  • Highly versatile  
  • Free from CFC and HCFC 
  • BRE Green Guide Rating of A+ 
  • Thickness: 100mm / 150mm / 170mm / 200 mm  
  • Length: 10.10m / 6650mm / 5800mm / 4850mm  
  • Width: 1200mm / 1160mm / 1160mm / 1160mm  
  • Coverage: 12.12² per pack / 7.71m² per pack / 6.73m² per pack / 5.63m² per pack  
  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.044W/mK / 0.044W/mK / 0.044W/mK / 0.044W/mK  
  • Thermal Resistance: 2.25m²K/W / 3.40m²K/W / 3.85m²K/W / 4.50m²K/W  
  • Euroclass Fire Classification: A1 / A1 / A1 / A1 
  • Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 13162:2012, BS EN 13172:2012 & BS EN ISO 900 

About the Manufacturer  

Superglass is a premier manufacturer of glass mineral wool insulation with over four decades of industry expertise. Proudly aligned with Etex, a global leader in building materials, Superglass leverage cutting-edge glass science to craft innovative solutions found across construction sites nationwide.  

Operating from one of Europe's most advanced facilities, Superglass insulation is comprised of up to 84% recycled glass and has been awarded a prestigious BRE green guide rating of A+. Highly energy efficient, Superglass saves over 200 times the energy it uses in production and transportation.  


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Frequently Asked Questions

This Superglass Multi Roll - 44 insulation is made of high-quality glass mineral wool, which is manufactured using recycled glass materials. It is known for its excellent thermal insulating properties. 

Yes, Loft Insulation Superglass Multi Roll - 44 loft insulation is safe for use in residential buildings. It is non-combustible, meaning it does not contribute to the spread of fire. It also has low levels of airborne fibres and is safe to handle when following recommended installation guidelines.

To determine the amount of Superglass Multi Roll you need for your loft, measure the length and width of your loft space and multiply these dimensions to calculate the square footage. Divide the square footage by the coverage per roll to determine the number of rolls required for your project. Our rolls are available in a number of coverages, including 12.12 sqm, 7.71 sqm, 6.73 sqm and 5.63 sqm. Contact us for guidance on how many rolls you need for your project.

Yes, Superglass Multi Roll - 44 insulation is suitable for DIY installation. It can be easily installed by homeowners, provided that proper safety precautions and installation guidelines are followed. Explore our guide on How to Insulate a Loft for more information.

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