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Standard Track (25mm legs)

Standard Track (25mm legs)

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Equipped with 25mm legs, this standard track is specifically designed to hold insulation rolls securely in place, preventing them from sagging or falling. By reinforcing the strength and stability of your insulation, our standard track ensures your insulation remains effective for years to come.   

This standard track is designed to meet the insulation needs of different structures, ranging from timber-frame structures to steel-frame buildings, and everything in between. Designed to make your insulation installation process faster and easier, out standard track allows you to achieve a flawless finish with minimal effort.  


  • 50mm 
  • 52mm  
  • 62mm
  • 72mm 
  • 75mm 
  • 94mm 
  • 148mm 


  • Available in packs of 10 
  • Stock length: 3000mm 
  • Easy installation  
  • Can be used with a variety of insulation materials  
  • Highly flexible  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Standard Track with 25mm legs is a type of metal stud work and a versatile building component commonly used in construction and interior projects. It serves various purposes, including framing partitions, suspending ceilings, and creating framework for drywall or plasterboard installations. It provides stability and support to these structures and is a crucial component for creating defined spaces in buildings.

Selecting the appropriate size of Standard Track depends on the specific requirements of your project. To determine the right size, consider factors such as the height and width of the wall or partition you intend to create, as well as any load-bearing requirements. Measure the dimensions accurately, and consult with a building professional or supplier who can help you choose the correct size based on the project's needs and local building codes.

The installation process for Standard Track with 25mm legs typically involves the following steps: 

  • Measure and Mark: Measure and mark the locations where you intend to install the track, ensuring they are level and plumb. 
  • Cut and Secure: Cut the track to the required length using appropriate tools (e.g., tin snips) and secure it to the floor and ceiling or other framing members using suitable fasteners (e.g., screws or nails). 
  • Align and Level: Ensure that the track is aligned correctly and levelled to ensure the wall or partition you build on it will be straight and even. 
  • Connect Corners and Intersections: At corners and intersections, properly connect and secure the track to maintain structural integrity. 
  • Install Studs or Framework: Once the track is in place, install studs or framework within the track at the required intervals and secure them to create the desired structure. 
  • Finish as Needed: Depending on your project, finish by attaching drywall, plasterboard, or other wall materials to the framework you've created using the Standard Track. 

Always follow manufacturer guidelines and local building codes during installation to ensure safety and structural integrity. 

Yes, when using this type of metal stud work, you may need additional accessories such as studs, connectors, fasteners, and corner beads, depending on the specific requirements of your project. These accessories help create stable and secure wall or partition systems. 

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