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FIRE PANEL Wallboard KNAUF Plasterboard
FIRE PANEL Wallboard KNAUF Plasterboard

FIRE PANEL Wallboard KNAUF Plasterboard

  • Fire Resistant Plasterboard
  • Knauf

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KNAUF Fire Panel is a fire-resistant alternative to standard plasterboard. Ideal for use as a cladding component in lining systems and partitions, it has a pink paper face and can receive a plaster finish or direct decoration.  

This highly versatile fire-proof wallboard can be used together with KNAUF plasters, fixing and jointing components, plasterboard adhesive and metal systems to qualify for KNAUF Systems Warranty.


  • Durable  
  • Versatile
  • Ideal for lining interior walls and ceilings 
  • Square edge style  
  • Thickness: 12.5mm 
  • Length: 8ft / 6ft  
  • Width: 4ft/3ft 
  • Mass: 28.80kg  
  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.24W/mK 
  • Standards Certification: EN 520 A F  

DISCLAIMER: Please make sure this product meets fire safety regulations for your project. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

The U-value of KNAUF Fire Panels typically ranges from 0.1 to 0.2 W/m²K, indicating their excellent thermal insulation properties. This value is crucial because it measures the rate of heat transfer through the panel. Lower U-values signify better insulation, which can help maintain a stable indoor temperature and reduce energy consumption.

Installing KNAUF Fire Panels requires careful planning and adherence to safety guidelines. Here are the general steps for installation: 

  1. Ensure you have the right tools and equipment. 
  2. Prepare the substrate (walls, ceilings, or structural elements) by cleaning and, if necessary, applying an appropriate primer. 
  3. Cut the KNAUF Fire Panels to the required dimensions using a suitable tool (e.g., a circular saw or utility knife). 
  4. Secure the panels to the substrate using the recommended fasteners (screws or nails) and spacing as per manufacturer guidelines. 
  5. Seal joints and penetrations with fire-rated sealant or tape. 
  6. Finish the surface as needed (e.g., by plastering, painting, or cladding). 

Learn more about fire-rated insulation here

Yes, this KNAUF heat proof plasterboard can often be painted or decorated to suit the interior design of a building. However, it's important to use fire-rated paints and finishes that comply with fire safety regulations. Applying non-compliant paints or finishes can compromise the fire resistance of the panels. Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines and local building codes when decorating or finishing fire-rated surfaces.

KNAUF Fire Panels are primarily designed for interior applications to enhance fire resistance within a building. Using them in exterior applications, such as facades or cladding, may not be advisable unless specifically designed and tested for such purposes. It's essential to consult with the manufacturer or a fire safety expert to determine the suitability of KNAUF Fire Panels for your exterior project, as different requirements and standards apply to external building components.

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