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Drywall Corner Tape
Drywall Corner Tape

Drywall Corner Tape

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Drywall Corner Tape is an essential tool for achieving flawless and durable corner joints in your drywall installations. This innovative product offers a seamless finish, eliminating unsightly cracks and ensuring a professional look for your interior spaces. With its superior quality and ease of use, Drywall Corner Tape is a must-have for any drywall project. 

Invest in Drywall Corner Tape to achieve a seamless and professional look for your drywall projects, whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor. 


  • Seamless Finish 
  • Durability, made from high-quality materials 
  • Easy Application 
  • Suitable for a variety of drywall applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial projects. 
  • Reliable Adhesion 
  • Easy to paint 


Sizes: 30m 

Price: £41.00

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Drywall Corner Tape is specifically designed for reinforcing and finishing the corners of drywall or gypsum board installations. It helps create clean, straight corners that are resistant to cracking and damage.

Corner tapes are made of a durable and flexible materialwith an adhesive backing. It is applied to the corners of drywall to provide reinforcement and prevent cracks and damage in these vulnerable areas.

Yes, Drywall Corner Tape is generally easy to apply. It adheres to the corners smoothly and can be cut to the desired length using standard scissors or a utility knife. Most users, including DIY enthusiasts, find it straightforward to work with.

When applied correctly,corner tapes are highly effective at preventing corner cracks and damage. It providesadditional support and reinforcement to the corners, helping to maintain the structural integrity of the drywall.

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