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92mm Long Leg Acoustic Stud

92mm Long Leg Acoustic Stud

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92mm Long Leg Acoustic Stud, the pinnacle of soundproofing excellence. With its precise and secure fit, this specialised stud guarantees maximum performance, effectively absorbing and reducing sound transmission. Say goodbye to intrusive noises and welcome uninterrupted moments. 


  • Unrivalled Sound Insulation: Engineered with a unique long-leg design, our Long Leg Acoustic Stud outperforms traditional studs in sound insulation. Enjoy the luxury of a peaceful environment, shielded from external disturbances.  
  • Premium Materials: Crafted from the finest materials, this stud exemplifies exceptional durability. Trust in its reliability to provide optimal soundproofing for years to come, ensuring your space remains serene and undisturbed.  
  • Space-Saving Design: Our 92mm Long Leg Acoustic Stud maximises space efficiency without compromising on acoustic performance. Its streamlined structure allows you to utilise your area to its fullest potential.  




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Frequently Asked Questions

92mm Long Leg Acoustic Stud is a specialised framing component designed for superior sound insulation in wall systems, commonly used in partitions, walls, and ceilings, prioritising acoustic performance.

This acoustic stud, with its extended length and purposeful design, forms a sound-resistant barrier within walls, effectively disrupting direct sound transmission, reducing noise transfer between spaces.

To install 92mm Long Leg Acoustic Stud, securely attach it to the framing, ensuring precise alignment with the wall or ceiling system. Installation methods may vary based on project specifics; contact us for expert guidance and assistance. 

92mm Long Leg Acoustic Stud accommodates various standard insulation materials used in wall and ceiling systems, such as wool or foam. This enhances sound insulation and thermal performance in your construction project, meeting your specific requirements.

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