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48mm Dry Wall C Studs

48mm Dry Wall C Studs

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Made of high-quality galvanised steel, our 48mm C Stud packs are engineered to provide exceptional support for walls and ceilings in commercial and residential settings. Unlike traditional framing methods that require multiple components, these C Studs in 48mm are a single, unified solution. Whether you're building a new space or want to update an existing one, our Dry Wall C Studs are the ultimate choice.  

Our lightweight 48mm C Studs are easy to handle and install, and ideal for use with insulation materials. With their unique design, Dry Wall C Studs  can distribute weight evenly to provide a more stable and secure structure.


  • Made using galvanised steel  
  • Lightweight and easy to use  
  • Perfect for use with insulation materials 
  • Incrediby strong and robust  
  • Ideal for commercial and residential settings 



Stock Lengths mm 

Pack Size 













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Frequently Asked Questions

48mm Drywall C Studs are commonly employed in construction for framing interior walls, enabling the creation of partitions and ceilings with a smooth, finished surface.

Our 48mm Drywall C Studs offer advantages such as ease of installation, cost-effectiveness, and lightweight construction. These studs also provide precise dimensions, ensuring a consistent wall surface for drywall attachment.

While 50mm and 70mm Drywall C Studs are suitable for various applications, 48mm C Studs are a more specific choice, designed for projects where a narrower profile is needed, without compromising structural integrity.

Yes, 48mm Drywall C Studs are easily customisable by cutting them to the desired length, allowing for flexibility in accommodating specific wall heights or design preferences. Standard metal cutting tools, such as aviator snips or a miter saw, can be used for this purpose.

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