What Can You Use to Insulate a Van?

insulating a van

What Is Van Insulation and What Does It Do?  

Van insulation is the process of improving thermal insulation in van-converted vehicles to make them comfortable and energy efficient. It is done by covering the interior walls, ceiling, and/or floor with a layer of insulation material. The insulation keeps the air inside the van at a comfortable temperature while preventing heat transfer from the outside environment. This results in a more comfortable living space and reduced energy costs.  

Additionally, van insulation can help reduce engine noise, making it easier to relax or sleep during long trips. Van insulation can also play an important role in providing better soundproofing when listening to music or watching movies in a campervan or recreational vehicle.  

The many benefits of van insulation include:  

  • Regulate temperature  
  • Protect your van and belongings from excess moisture  
  • Increase comfort for you and your passengers  
  • Reduce noise from the road 

What Are the Best Materials for Van Insulation?  

Here at Insulation Kings, we offer several products for van insulation, including: 

  • SuperFOIL SF19+ 
  • SuperFOIL SF19BB 
  • SuperFOIL SFBA MP  


SuperFOIL consists of multiple layers of radiant barrier foil and protects against heat loss through radiation. This is a feature only foil-based insulation can perform, making it a game-changing insulation product. Additionally, the breathable foil insulation offers a vapour and air barrier, resisting moisture and restricting heat transfer through the air.  

To find out how to insulate a van yourself, visit our Van Guide for everything you need to know.

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