ROCKWOOL Insulation: Everything You Need To Know

ROCKWOOL Insulation: Everything You Need To Know

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Here at Insulation Kings, we supply a number of ROCKWOOL insulation products in various different sizes and at competitive prices to take your project to the next level. Our ROCKWOOL products include TwinRoll, Flexi and RWA45, all carefully designed to provide optimum and sustainable insulation for both domestic and commercial buildings.  

A Closer Look at ROCKWOOL  

Rockwool is a leading brand in the insulation and acoustical products industry. Founded in 1937, it has gone on to become one of the most widely used brands for construction projects.  

The company's expertise lies in its ability to create innovative materials made from natural rocks that are able to insulate against temperatures up to 600°C, while still offering great acoustic properties. At the forefront of their mission is sustainability, as Rockwool strives to reduce energy consumption by improving thermal insulation with 100% natural materials that do not contain harmful chemicals or gases like other synthetic products. Furthermore, they are committed to satisfying customer needs through their eco-friendly production processes which use strict standards to ensure their products meet all requirements without compromising the environment or human health. 

Our ROCKWOOL products: 


Ideal for use in loft and roof spaces, and as an overlay for ceiling tiles in suspended ceilings, ROCKWOOL Twin Roll offers a high level of thermal, fire and acoustic insulation. With a thermal conductivity of 0.44W/mK and A1 fire classification, this product not only has excellent insulating and acoustic properties but is also completely safe to use.  


Ideal for cavity and timber frame insulation, rafters, external walls, partitions and floors, ROCKWOOL Flexi comes with high flexibility to allow for a perfect fit between the product and the supporting framework. With a thermal conductivity of 0.035-0.038W/mK and A1 fire classification, the product offers a high level of thermal insulation with acoustic properties alongside safe usage.  


Similar to ROCKWOOL Flexi, ROCKWOOL RWA45 is also ideal for cavity and timber frame insulation. With a thermal conductivity of 0.035W/mK and again with an A1 fire classification, these building slabs are ideal for the safe and optimum insulation of cavity and timber frames. 

DISCLAIMER: Please make sure these products meet fire safety regulations for your project. 

For more information on ROCKWOOL insulation products and how they can transform your space, get in touch with our expert team today.

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