Moisture-Resistant Plasterboard for Bathrooms

Moisture-Resistant Plasterboard for Bathrooms

The Basics: 

Insulating bathrooms is an important aspect of home maintenance and renovation, as it helps to keep the space warm and also reduces the amount of noise able to penetrate the insulation and travel into the room.  

But what about moisture? If you’re planning on insulating your bathroom, moisture-resistant plasterboard is essential, as it ensures water won’t seep through the walls and ceilings and cause damage to the underlying structure.  

By preventing moisture from penetrating into the home, these plasterboards can save homeowners time, money and stress in the long run. Not only do these boards provide superior insulation, but they also add structural integrity and fire resistance to the walls and ceilings of a bathroom. 

A Closer Look At Moisture-Resistant Plasterboard: 

The key element of moisture-resistant plasterboards lies in their ability to resist water vapor. These boards are designed with a specialized adhesive that prevents vapour from entering the wall cavity while still allowing air movement inside. This means that even when exposed to high levels of humidity or steam, these panels will remain intact. This is especially beneficial for bathrooms as it prevents mould growth or rot caused by condensation build-up on wet surfaces over time. Furthermore, these boards come in various densities that can be tailored to each specific project depending on insulating needs.  

In addition to providing superior insulation against moisture, plasterboard that is both gypsum core and paper faced is suitable for use in damp areas such as bathrooms due to their fire resistant properties; this helps family members stay safe during emergencies such as house fires.  


Therefore, using moisture resistant plasterboards when insulating bathrooms is an essential part of any renovation process or even just regular maintenance tasks around the home; not only does this provide superior insulation against moisture penetration but it also adds additional layers of protection such as sound reduction and fire resistance - making it a no-brainer investment when improving your home's health! 

DISCLAIMER: Please make sure any products you purchase meet fire safety regulations for your project.   

Find more information on moisture-resistant plasterboard here or get in touch with our specialised team for expert advice and assistance. 

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