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Thermal EPS Insulated  KNAUF Plasterboard

Thermal EPS Insulated KNAUF Plasterboard

  • Insulated Plasterboard
  • Knauf

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Bonded to a 9.5mm KNAUF Wallboard, KNAUF Thermal Laminates are designed with a layer of high-quality CFC and HCFC-free polystyrene insulation. Ideal for use in both new projects and refurbishments, they provide a high level of thermal performance, whilst also reducing CO2 emissions and energy expenditure.  


  • Durable  
  • Environmentally-friendly 
  • Tapered edge style  
  • Thickness: 22 mm 
  • Length: 8 ft 
  • Width: 4 ft 
  • Mass: 18.91 kg 
  • Thermal Conductivity: 0.038 W/mK  
  • Standards Certification: EN 13950 


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Frequently Asked Questions

To determine the quantity of insulated plasterboardrequired, measure the total square footage of the area you intend to cover. Make sure to account for any openings like doors and windows. Typically, you can find the coverage area listed in square meters or square feet on the product's specifications. Divide the total area by the coverage area of one sheet or panel to calculate the number of sheets needed.

The cost of this EPS Insulated KNAUF plasterboard varies depending on the size you need. The 8x4x22mm is £36.00, the 8x4x30mm is £42.00, and the 8x4x40mm is £48.00. 

Proper disposal of insulated plasterboard is essential to ensure environmental responsibility. Typically, you should contact your local waste management authority or recycling centre for instructions on how to dispose of insulated plasterboard. Some regions may have recycling options for plasterboard, while others may require it to be disposed of in designated landfills.

No, this EPS Insulated KNAUF plasterboard is not inherently waterproof. If you’re looking for waterproof plasterboard for humid areas like bathrooms and kitchens, take a look at our moisture-resistant plasterboard

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