Want to Reduce Noise Pollution Inside Your Home?

Want to Reduce Noise Pollution Inside Your Home

Sometimes we can’t help but have a noisy home. But we can stop this noise travelling far enough to disturb others.  

How Insulation Works To Reduce Noise Pollution: 

Acoustic floor insulation works by blocking, dissipating, and reflecting sound waves that are trying to travel through the air. The main principle behind acoustic floor insulation is that it acts as a sound barrier by blocking or absorbing noise from one area of the house to another, or from outside the home into the interior. 

So, Can You Insulate Between Two Floors In A House To Reduce Noise? 

When it comes to noise reduction between floors, acoustic floor insulation can be used to reduce transmission of sound between two levels. It does so by either being placed on top of the existing surface or underneath when it’s part of new construction.  

On top of the surface, acoustic insulation material, such as our Polystyrene EPS70, can be installed. These materials help absorb sound energy before it travels through the air and reach other rooms in the house. In addition, thicker rugs and carpets will also help deaden any airborne noise trying to travel up or down between floors. 

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